Color using your finger on a phone, or your finger or stylus on a tablet, or your mouse and cursor on a computer, or your crayons on physical pages you print out on paper.





Auto-fill zone coloring


Color with finger or stylus

“I hold a multiple subject teaching credential in the state of California and I have been a public elementary school teacher since 2004. My primary focus has been Kindergarten, First and Second grade. I recently examined the ERF coloring pages which depict embryos and fetuses developing in utero. This is an amazing interactive resource for children of all ages. It’s extremely user friendly. The high-resolution prenatal images next to the coloring book line drawings are fantastic! This is an instructive resource that can be used effectively in the classroom setting. I also reviewed the ERF site where I watched the children’s version of the ERF prenatal video. Like the coloring pages, the children’s edition of the ERF prenatal science documentary is also an amazing resource! All content is age-appropriate for even the youngest children.”

Ellarose Pinkus